That's yours truly, Mama Carrie T.  No one actually calls me that tho, I was just in a hurry to come up with a  catchy name for this here blog.  I'm a proud mama and aspiring master of all the trades I'm a jack of.  Was that confusing?  Yes.  Some of those trades include decorating, cooking, crafting, sewing- you get the idea.

And this is The Hubs.  I don't call him that either, but I like the way it sounds when I type it.  We call ourselves Team Turner, and most of the time we are a good team, but when it comes to home improvement projects, we've got room for improvement!  The hubs is a great man and a great daddy, the rest is just details.

What can I say about Babygirl- I love everything about this gal, including her middle of the night stinky baby breath.  In fact, there are nights I'm tempted to wake her up and rock her just so I can breathe it in.  Most nights I pass in favor of more sleep for myself, but I'm not gonna say I haven't done it before.