Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Gallery Wall Switcheroo

I've totally been meaning to change up and expand the family picture gallery corner in our family room.  Most of the pictures were mine from my previous (single) apartment living and I felt pretty bad about that!  The arrangement wasn't so hot, and the one wall just looked terrible thanks to the hubs grabbing a few nails (and a screw- I pulled it out of the wall today, that's a new one!) and haphazardly throwing some pics up on the wall one Saturday.  This is why he's not allowed to do unsupervised decorating.  LOL.

Painting the room was the perfect excuse to get started, along with a bunch of new frames I'd gotten for Christmas (last year!!).  There was also a frame that was brown, and I was going for all black frames, and white mats.  So I painted out the brown frame, changed up a few of the mats, and then added some new frames and switched up the arrangement.  Now don't be alarmed, there are a number of the frames that are still empty or sporting the generic pics that come with the frame, but I can only do one project at a time!!  Next up is printing out some more recent pics of the hubs & I and our families, and popping them in the frames.  But at least I've got a new arrangement going!

Here's the before:

And the after:

 So what do you think?  Much better, right?  And I only put a couple extra nail holes in the walls to get to that arrangement!!