Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dolla' Dolla' Tree, Y'all

Am I the only nut that runs into the Dollar Tree for a couple things and ends up spending $75 bucks? That's seventy-five items!! Well, probably more like seventy with tax, but still!! I find myself grabbing multiples of items because they are such a great deal- that's where I get myself into trouble. 6 Halloween chair covers? Yes please! Cute turkey crafts for Thanksgiving? Yep 1 for each kid! Supplies for treat bags? I better stock up! Oh, goodness... In my defense, with that $75 I got fall decorations for babygirl's preschool and our house, supplies for Halloween treat bags, a sweet round-up of goodies for a baby gift, and more toiletries than we'll know what to do with.

Sounds like money well spent, right?