Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catching Up

Hey y'all!!

Whew, what a whirlwind of craziness the past few days have been, and it doesn't look like it will be letting up for a couple more days!  First, let me catch you up on the weekend...

Saturday we went to a football game with a good friend, who happens to be the mama of babygirl's best friend.  It's always so sweet when the girls are together!

Then it was more football when we got home- a nail-biter Bama game.  The hubs is a huge Bama fan, and I've become one by default/marriage.  Lol.  They always make for a great game!

Sunday mama got some time to herself, which is a rare treat.  First, I must vent.  Since becoming a mama (and thus being on a super-tight budget) I haven't tended to my hair like I used to.  Ie, I cut my own hair months back when it got to the point of driving me crazy, and I cut bangs recently because I needed a change.  We're going to a wedding soon though, and I wanted it to look better, so I decided a haircut was in order.  Now, because of aforementioned budget, I went ultra-cheap and decided to use a coupon I found for Great Clips.  I had a few other things to do, but went to get my haircut first- big mistake!  I walked right in, told the guy I needed a cut, and was sat right away.  He didn't offer to shampoo, but I was okay with it because my hair was clean.  Now, let me tell y'all what I told him: my hair is SUPER curly.  I usually either pull it back, or flat iron it, I NEVER wear it curly.  So I told him what I wanted, and he got to work spraying down my hair.  Okay, I thought, it's likely easier to cut wet hair.  As he worked, my hair began to dry, and curl like crazy, and he just continued to spray it.  Now, he finishes up the cut and pulls out the blow-dryer.  He said, I just want to get some of the moisture out.  Okay, I think, that's cool.  So he dries my hair, not with a brush or anything, just dries it.  And then says, okay, you're done.  I was in SHOCK.  I looked like orphan Annie with a head full of frizzed out curly hair.  No product.  No comb or brush.  No flat iron.  NOTHING.  I didn't even know what to say, I just paid and hightailed it to my car.  My question is, WHO DOES THAT?!  Luckily I had a little clip and a ponytail holder in the car so I quickly pulled my hair up and back so I could run my errands, but I still looked like a crazy person.  The funny thing is, the haircut is actually not bad, once I was able to flat iron it and style it myself.  I just don't understand why you'd send someone out of your salon looking a mess.  Oh well!!

Next, I got to do a little window shopping at one of my favorite old haunts: Marshalls!!  I used to hit up a Marshalls at least once a month, but because of that darn budget, I don't even tempt myself.  I needed a dress for that wedding though, so I ventured in for a rare treat.  I'll post some of my favorite finds in a separate post...

Monday & Tuesday I was in a full-day QuickBooks training class.  Fun!!  It was actually great to be in a learning environment and feel like I was doing something for myself.  And a few awesome things came out of it (apart from the training itself!).  1) The hubs (who stayed home with babygirl all day while I was in class) declared that he had way more respect for me now than he ever did before.  And 2) The hubs said he never understood before how I could not have time to shower but now sees why (day 1 he didn't get to shower!).  Those two statements alone made the time away totally worth it!!  And I love the hubs for admitting them!!  :)

So now you're all caught up!!  Today was spent getting ready for a trip we're taking.  It'll be babygirl's first time on a plane, and needless to say this mama is a little nervous!!  Just praying all goes well!  And I plan on using a little piece of advice a friend gave me: if anyone gives us an evil eye because babygirl makes a peep, remember (and remind them) that they were once a baby too.  Ha, I loved that!