Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Few Notes About TV

We ditched cable months ago to trim the household expenses a bit.  I didn't mind, but the hubs was having a hard time with it.  "There's something I didn't tell you", he said earlier this week.  Never the words you want to hear!  Turns out he signed us up for a deal with DirecTv and they were coming to set it up this weekend.  At $25 a month, there wasn't much to protest, and I've got to say I thoroughly enjoyed a couple programs!

1)  I Brake for Yard Sales on HGTV with Lara Spencer.  I didn't catch the beginning, but I totally loved this show!  I don't watch GMA, so I'm not too familiar with Lara, but after this show I secretly wanted her as my new BFF!  She's so sweet & personable, and I really love her style.  She also genuinely seems into thrifting & bargain-hunting, it's not just a TV gimmick.  The above is the dining room from the show- I don't love the color on the dining chairs, but holy-moly you should have seen them before!!

2)  Directly after was Flea Market Flip, another Lara Spencer show.  It was totally up my alley.  The premise: 2 two-person teams are given $600 and a punch list of 4 things they have to search for.  They go to the Rose Bowl flea market and purchase items, then go back to a fully-stocked warehouse where they transform the items in order to "flip" them at the flea market the next week.  The team that makes the most profit off the sales of their items wins the profits from both teams.  Cool premise, and really well done.  It didn't seem contrived and I really enjoyed seeing not only the stalls at the flea market, but the projects the teams took on, and how they approached them.  

3)  Somehow I missed this movie when it came out in Dec 2011.  Oh yeah, I was busy having a 3 month old baby!  The hubs and I caught it tonight, tho not from the very beginning and I LOVED it.  I don't care what the online reviews say (I read a few while looking for the above image), I thought it was sweet and inspiring and the perfect movie to watch every single New Year's Eve.  For a moment I felt like we were experiencing NYE all over again, and it was really nice!  Even babygirl climbed up in my lap and watched about a quarter of it (quite a feat for a toddler!).  

If you haven't caught any of these three, I recommend them!  And now I'm off to fry my brain cells with more TV!!

**UPDATE, okay, I totally remember now why I didn't mind at all when we got rid of cable the last time.  I have walked into the family room, or glanced up from my computer, because of insane sounds coming from the TV and have muttered "what the hell are you watching" at least a dozen times.  Not to mention I watched the hubs eat while standing at the counter, then back up to the dishwasher, load his dishes and get a drink, ALL WITHOUT TAKING HIS EYES OFF THE TV.  And he had a cartoon on people!!!  The man is obsessed.  I'm hoping the shininess wears off soon, but I'm not holding my breath.  Oh, and did I mention he talks to the tv?  Yeah, I'm not sure Bravo & HGTV are worth it...