Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update

I sincerely hope that y'all had as beautiful of a weekend as this mama did!

It started Friday night with a cheap pizza & 2 hours with the hubs in front of the TV for the series finale of Fringe.  It's one of the few shows that we can agree on, and we've been watching together since it began back in 2008.  The X-Files-ish vibe of it appealed to me, and I just adore Walter (John Noble).  But like X-Files, there were some so-so seasons, especially this past one.  I had a hard time sticking with quite a few of the episodes: I hated the future story-line and I especially hated the daughter story-line, but I stuck around, and the reward was a really well-done finale.  I'm not sure how the world-at-large felt because I haven't read any reviews, but I was happy with it and in my world, that's all that matters!!

Saturday morning I left a very happy hubs at home with babygirl (see why here) to do some solo window-shopping (post forthcoming later this week, and it's a good one!).  I forgot how nice it is to go shopping alone on a Saturday morning and just LOOK slowly.  Ahhh, perfect break.  Of course mama-guilt kicked in after about 2 hours and I made my way back home.  I scored the loot below (though I've already decided to take a few things back) still, very fun!

The rest of the day was spent with the family and the TV.  I discovered two new (to me) shows and a lovely movie, as I mentioned here.  And the nightcap?  A ginger bath.  I first read about them on MFAMB here, and decided to try it out last night when I was feeling a little meh.  The gist is a really hot bath with epsom salts, powdered (or fresh) ginger and baking soda.  I was going by memory and forgot the baking soda, oops!  The bath smelled divine, was verrrrrrrry relaxing, and I felt great on Sunday.  I'd call it a success, and I'd definitely recommend you try it!  Just make sure to drink tons of water (I actually brought a big glass to the bath with me!) because you'll sweat a lot and want to be sure to flush out all those toxins.  Ahhhhhhh..........

Sunday morning was a little bit of a cooking frenzy: I whipped up some chicken in the crock pot for tacos (remind me to share that recipe, it's AWESOME!), and some taco seasoning to add to the chicken (also awesome, also need to share!), and some waffles in the hubs new waffle maker.  We've never had a waffle maker, so it's been a fun Sunday thing to do, but let me tell y'all, these waffles are HUGE and I don't even want to KNOW how many carbs they contain.  I can't even eat a whole one.  Actually, I can't even get through 3/4 of one!  But they are yummy!!

Next up we took a little trip to Starbucks for the hubs to chat with some nice folks about a fun little side job. I hope he gets it because it will be right up his alley!!  Babygirl & I enjoyed tagging along, and taking a self-portrait while we waited.

We took the scenic route home (meaning through the city streets instead of the freeway- ha!) and just enjoyed the scenery and the sunshine.  Cleaning, eating and football took up the rest of the day, which is not bad at all!  Copious amounts of crumbs were removed from our floors (this could honestly be a full-time job for me), soft tacos were delish, and 1 of the 2 games went our way.  What more can you ask for?

Happy Monday, Inauguration Day & MLK Day!!