Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm So in Love...

...with black interior doors!!!

 You thought I was going to say my hubs, didn't you?  Well, yes, of course!  But recently a friend asked for my advice about black paint for interior doors.  I'm a big fan of the look, though I've never done it in my own homes.  Several years ago I painted the trim in my kitchen & family room black and LOVED it.  I was scared to dip that paintbrush and paint the first strokes of black, but once I did, I knew it would be amazing. Painting interior doors is the same- it instantly elevates the look of your rooms!  As I was doing a little research for my friend I was reminded of how much I love the look, and am wondering what it will take to convince the hubs.  Here are some looks I love...

I like this pic because this is about how our upstairs would look if we painted all the doors.  There are five, yes FIVE, doors at the top of our landing, but I think this looks amazing!

I like this one too- we have a couple glass doors and this is a great visualization of how they might look painted black.

I don't care for this one.  It may just be the lighting, but it's too gray for me.  I'd prefer a true black, or a blue-black rather than a grey-black.

This one scares me because I don't think it looks too hot.  Again, it could be the lighting, but I feel like you can see the roller marks.  Eeek.

original source unknown
My jaw about dropped when I saw these doors.  I'll take two please!!  Oh my goodness, how great are they?

This one is just a weeeee bit too glossy for my taste.  You want a little gloss, but this looks almost lacquered!

original source unknown
These are utterly gorgeous- a mile high and lovely glass knobs.  Love Love Love.

Perfection.  And can I tell you how much I love those draperies?  Wow.  Check out that link, she has several more beautiful examples of the doors she painted in her home!

So, what do you think?  Have I convinced you to paint your doors black too?  Oh, and I learned a couple things in trying to find pics to post here:
1) It seems that every blogger has done a 'black interior doors' post sometime in the past 2 years.
and 2) Said bloggers generally suck in sourcing the original poster of the pic.  There were so many more pics I wanted to include, but couldn't track back to the original author.  I always try really hard to track back to the original author of the photo, or just not post it.  It takes a little longer, but they really should get the credit.  Now I see why so many folks watermark their photos with their web address!!

Hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones, we sure did!