Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake

I'm about to share a super secret family recipe.  It's my go-to, no-fail dessert that I pull out when I need something quick that everyone will enjoy.  So, are you ready...

Strawberry Shortcakes made with BISQUICK!!  I know, it's not original at all, but it's such a yummy treat, and nearly impossible to screw up.  I grew up eating this dessert at my grandma's house, and if my grandma isn't too good for Bisquick shortcakes, than neither am I!!

Start by slicing up some strawberries.  Of course it tastes best when strawberries are in season and sweet, but the grocery had them on sale this week, and I just couldn't resist.  Sprinkle a little sugar on if you like, then stir and keep them in the fridge while you make the shortcakes.

The recipe is on the side of the box, but it's 2 cups Bisquick, a couple tbsp of sugar, a couple tbsp melted butter and 1/3 cup milk.  I barely measure things out though, I mostly eyeball.  The recipe is very forgiving as long as it's not too wet or too dry.

Don't over-mix, just stir until it comes together and isn't powdery anymore.  It won't be smooth, that's okay. The less you mix, the more tender your shortcakes will be.  Trust me.

I just drop them by spoonful on a baking stone.  I like the rustic look.  :)

And out of the oven.  Don't over-bake these!  They'll dry out and taste awful.  Bake til golden brown.  The middles may look a bit wet, but just let them sit a few minutes and they'll be perfect.

In my family we split the shortcakes while they're still pretty hot and butter them, then add strawberries & milk.  If you've never had shortcake this way, you HAVE to try it. My hubs used to turn his nose up at the milk, but it honestly makes the dish.  The shortcake soaks it up and becomes this delicious buttery, milky, hot and cold wonderment.  It's insanely good!!

PS, I know Bisquick contradicts my previous statement about buying things that I can easily make myself.  Don't worry, I'm going to make my own Bisquick mix once this box runs out!!  ;)