Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Not much to update, creatively speaking.  I've been spending my days soaking up the sweetness of that little girl above, my babygirl.  Sometimes I feel like I can see inside her head and literally watch the wheels turning as she learns and grows everyday.  I always knew the thing in life I wanted to do most was be a mom, but I just never realized what a change it would make on ME as a person.  Everyone tells you babies change your life, I thought they meant your LIFE, not who you are on the inside.  I'm so aware of this little person who is watching me all day, everyday- what I do, what I say, and I want to make sure I'm being the best I can be for her.  I constantly surprise myself with reserves of patience, even at the end of the day, because I can see that she's thriving and learning and just soaking up every little bit of everything we're giving her.  It's such a gift to be a mom and grow a little person, and I just pray every day that God will continue to guide me and help me to be a better person & mom.

Whew, just got a little heavy there, but that's what been on my mind this week!  I'm constantly humbled by my role as mama.  To that end, this weekend was spent together as a family!!  We did some family thrifting on Saturday, without much success.  Sunday was church and a nice long nap.  We visited an open house of a friend who's a realtor, which may not sound like too much fun, but the hubs & I really enjoy looking at houses, so it was lots of fun for us!  Family time ended with a POLO (parents of little ones) early Valentines party at our church.  The pouring rain was a perfect excuse to stay in, but in an effort to create more connections, we braved the weather and I think we were all happy we did!  Babygirl is such an observant gal, and can spot a fellow kid in a crowd, so it was such a treat for her to be surrounded by lots of littles.  Sunday evening ended with a little work and some much needed mama time with the DVR: Real Housewives, Kim & Kourtney & Shahs of Sunset. Oh yes, I watch 'em all, and I love it!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend, and HAPPY MONDAY!!