Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday friends!!  Hope y'all had a great weekend and are staying toasty warm.  It was COLD in Atlanta this past weekend but we had plenty of sunshine so it didn't feel too bad.  Saturday morning started out perfect- the hubs let me sleep in while he hung out with babygirl, so I got to catch up on some zzz's!  We did a little thrifting in the afternoon, but didn't come away with much.  I always like to snap pics while I'm thrifting of fun stuff that I don't buy, but the place was SO picked over there was nothing to take pics of!!  Seriously, when we pulled in the parking lot there was nary a parking space.  I don't think I like that thrifting has gone mainstream!!  :)

Sunday was church & cleaning and then a little window shopping at Hancock Fabrics.  It's not my favorite fabric store, but there's inspiration to be found everywhere.  Here are a few of the fabrics that jumped out at me (these are apparel fabrics, not home dec)...

 I love the vibrant colors & graphic patterns in these purple & orange prints.

These too!  So fun and funky.

My eye is always drawn to black & white.  There was nothing special about any of these, but i liked the gathering as a group.

Speaking of pattern, these batiks were fun.  The colors were a lot more vibrant in person!

Especially this yellow & grey one.  There is a shadow over it, but it was the sunniest yellow & so cheerful!  I could see babygirl in a sweet sundress in this pattern.

Stripes, gingham & buffalo check are always classics you can't go wrong with.

Amid all the pattern, this aisle was like a soothing balm.  I love the neutral muslins & the ticking stripes.  The textures are what make these fabrics so appealing to me.

Especially this white cotton ruffle, I just adore it!

After Hancock the fam took a trip to Barnes & Noble.  We hadn't been there in ages, and we thought babygirl would enjoy it.  Boy were we right.  That gal was literally like a kid in a toy store!  We had no idea B&N had bulked up their toy selection, and they had some great brands and beautiful educational toys.  I'll totally head there first from now on when I need a baby/kid gift!

I've been shopping around for alphabet flashcards for babygirl.  She's a total sponge right now, and is starting to mimic everything.  I'm constantly amazed by the little things she recalls from books we read or things we've said to her. These look like a good option, but I passed for now.

This was the cutest darn purse I've EVER seen!  I grabbed it to show babygirl, and she instantly put it over her shoulder and hugged it tight.  For almost the whole time in there.  It was so cute.  It nearly broke my heart to see the $22 price tag.  Sheesh!  Honestly, it's probably not bad, but it's also not in the budget.  :)

And lastly, I see now why parents invest in train tables.  The kids were like magnets to this thing.  Riley had a great time, and met some nice new friends too.  It was the perfect way to end the weekend!  We're adding B&N to our list of places to visit more often!

So what were y'all up to this weekend?  I've got a busy week ahead of me with lots of fun new projects on the horizon, so stay tuned!!  Have a great week!