Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Tweak

Yesterday I showed you the before & afters of the dining room.  But a little detail was bugging me.  These guys:
They were sitting atop the shelf with all the glass pieces:
I purchased them a while back from one of my favorite junk shops, and at the time they were a really dull rust color.  So I decided to brighten them up with some sunny yellow spray paint.  Which was a vast improvement!  But I've realized in living with them for a while now, they just don't jive with the rest of the house.  I looked around, and could only find 2 other bright yellow items in the house: a tray I spray-painted at the same time (lol!) and a cute round vase.

I'm starting to see that working within a somewhat limited color palette really makes our home feel cozy and cohesive, because each room can relate with the next.  Not that each room is the same, but certain colors run through out.  I love dark woods, browns, oranges, and teals.  So, teal it was!!
I applied a few coats of the same teal acrylic paint I used on a couple previous projects.  They looked better, but the paint is a matte finish, so I decided to also give them a few coats of spray gloss.  Perfect!!
I like it so much better, what do you think?