Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the Details

I mentioned yesterday, I like working on the details of a space.  I think small touches can make all the difference.  I read this blog post the other day from Michele at 4 Men 1 Lady (great blog, you should definitely bookmark it!) and I just loved a little detail above her kitchen sink.  I decided to replicate it with help from her free printable.

I had a 4x6 wood frame on hand that I wasn't using.  I took the glass out, and then did a quick dry brush technique on it using paint leftover from another project.  (I have to be honest, I painted the mirror in our powder room several weeks ago and at the time was too lazy to clean out my paintbrush.  I saw it last night in the laundry room, still in the ziplock bag where I had stashed it until I "had time" to wash it out.  (Ziplock bags are a great tip to keep paintbrushes fresh while you take a break from painting!)  I felt the brush, and the paint was still wet, so I decided to try it out before tossing the brush- it worked!)

Here it is after the dry brushing, turned out great.

I replaced the glass and added the free printable- super easy!!

And here it is hanging above the sink in our powder room.  I think it's a funny reminder for kids & adults alike.  I knew it was perfect when the hubs came home from work this afternoon and started cracking up as soon as he walked into the bathroom.  Decorating is fun, but it doesn't have to be all serious!!