Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Scarf with a Story

After we painted the powder room downstairs, we moved a painting that used to hang in the foyer/hallway into the powder room.  Since then, there's been a big empty space on the wall.  I've left it alone so it could speak to me, and finally it did!  I remembered a beautiful silk scarf I had inherited from my gran, and I knew this would be the perfect spot for it.  Now let me warn you, the scarf is a bit unusual, but I think that makes it even more endearing.  And it has the best story behind it.  

Here's the scarf:

And now the story...many years ago (I'm thinking early-80's, but I could be wrong) my gran & grandad traveled to France.  While in France, they bought my nanny (great-grandmother) the above scarf.  She was the kind of lady that was impossible to buy for, which I think explains why they picked such an unusual gift!  She apparently loved pheasants, so they brought her back this pheasant scarf- nevermind that it also prominently features two rifles, a target and a myriad of bullet holes!!!  They gave her the scarf, and I bet she said she loved it.  So imagine their surprise when they visited her and saw a woman in her apartment building wearing the exact same scarf!!!  Turns out she DIDN'T like the scarf, and promptly gave it away!!!  My grandad was so upset he demanded she ask for the scarf back, or he would do it himself!  This story cracks me up everytime!!

I'm thinking the foyer/hallway will be an excellent place to display the scarf- what a conversation starter!!  I'd like to try and build a simple frame with moulding & plexiglass.  I haven't quite worked out the details yet, but I don't believe it's a standard size, so I know that building a frame will be the best option since there's no way we can afford a custom piece!!  The colors will work wonderfully downstairs, and should tie in nicely with the new gray walls.  Exciting!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I Googled the words at the bottom of the scarf "Gibiers et Fusils" and it translates to "Game and Guns".  Conversation starter, I'm telling ya!!