Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lists, Lists, and a Goal to Motivate

I'm a born list-maker, so with babygirl's first birthday, and accompanying first birthday party, on the horizon I broke out a notebook to start making lists.  Who to invite, how many kids there will be, food, kids food, drinks...

We're not going overboard, but it will be a decent sized gathering at our house- what better motivation to also complete some of the house projects that have been bugging me!!  So I continued on with my lists and created a page for each room of the house, as well as the porches, front & backyard (hey, I said I was a list-maker!).  If you'll notice in the picture, my notebook has a wine theme, which I think is kind of hilarious because I fear I may need a lot of that wine to either bribe the hubs to help me, or to ease my mind from these dizzying lists!  I'm not aiming to complete everything, a lot of these are dreaming-down-the-road things, but it feels good to have everything (for now) on paper.

After putting lots of thought into my lists, I also realized this could be the perfect springboard to start blogging again.  I had a blog years & years ago (sometimes it feels like a LIFETIME ago) and really looked forward to, and enjoyed the creative outlet it provided.  It was before I had a husband, and a baby, but I still had a job & a life, so I'm pretty sure those first two are no excuse!!

So, I'm going to put in an honest effort.  As much time as I spend sitting in front of my laptop reading what everyone else writes, I figure I can carve out a bit of time to put my own work out there.  I'm not entirely sure what the content will look like- I know I'll write about some house projects, and I'm always looking for cheap (or free!) crafty projects to keep me busy.  Goodwill is always a source of inspiration.  And I do love to cook, though I don't do enough of it.  So we'll see.  But I'm excited!!