Friday, August 24, 2012

Ugh, I Hate Painting (alone)

Remember how we bought 6 gallons of paint over the weekend?  I thought I'd go ahead and get started on the dining room today!  So I set out to clear a bunch of the little things out, remove wall hangings and move the big stuff to the center of the room.  I had lots of energy.  I was very enthused!  The hubs came home at lunch and helped me move the hutch away from the wall.  I told him I was going to get to work, and give babygirl a paintbrush too (Joking! I was excited!).

Fast forward about 10 minutes into taping off, and I remembered how much I hate painting.  They say painting is 60% prep work (I don't know the actual percent "they" say, but it's a lot), and I am just way too impatient for that.  So I convinced myself I have a very steady hand, and could skip the taping.  I also convinced myself I should give that edger in the closet just one more try.  Why would they keep making those things, I asked myself, if they didn't work.  I was just using it wrong all those (millions of) previous times I'd tried using it.

Yeah, I was telling myself a pack of lies, and I bought them from myself like a big dummy.  Fast forward 10 more minutes, and I had gotten paint all over the trim that I hadn't taped off, I cursed those stupid edgers once & for all, and I wrapped up my supplies and stomped off like a baby.  Plus, I'd heard my actual baby wake up from her nap.

So this was the state of the dining room when the hubs got home from work.  I told him how much I hated painting, and he laughed & laughed.  He asked where my enthusiasm from a few hours ago had gone.  He reminded me that he had NEVER volunteered to paint a room because he, too, hates painting.  He pointed out that if I hated it so much, why was I always wanting to paint.  And then he picked up the roll of tape and started taping off the rest of the room.  God, I love that man!  I followed after him with the paint brush, cutting in around the trim and ceiling, and suddenly painting didn't seem so bad after all.  You don't hate painting, he said, you just hated doing it alone.  Hmmm, he might be on to something.

One coat down, and the room looks amazing.  Can't wait to share the before & afters!!