Friday, August 17, 2012

House Tour: The Powder Room

Okay, admittedly this is not much of a post.  I wanted to post a house tour room by room, but the only room neat enough to do a tour of today was the powder room!  And you already saw half of it the other day!  Sorry. 

Without further ado, our downstairs powder room:

The walls had previously been painted that yellow-ish brown you saw in the hallway on one of the pics, but I wanted to do something dramatic.  I was thinking black, but then saw Sealskin (by Sherwin Williams) and thought it was much more interesting.  Sometimes it looks black, sometimes charcoal, sometimes dark brown- so cool!!!

The art you see used to hang in the hallway right outside the powder room, but once it was painted such a cool color, it demanded a cool piece of art, so art switch-a-roo!!  I can always find something else for the hallway, but I think it's just perfect in there now.

The turquoise mirror is a 100+ year old antique that was given to me by an old friend.  She had painted it gold years ago, so when she gave it to me I didn't feel guilty painting it black.  It stayed that way for many years, but once the walls in here went dark, the black just wasn't enough contrast.  There are a few hints of turquoise in the painting, so I thought that would be a fun direction to go with the mirror- I love it!  And the Wash Your Hands sign, you read about that the other day.

Behind the toilet is still a work in progress.  I hung the two silver shadow boxes, and have (empty) pots in them, to be filled with succulents, some day.  Do you notice a theme with empty pots in our house?  I'm really not the best with plants.  :(  I think a piece of art needs to be back there as well.  Just brainstorming that one.

So for now this room is done, except that art over the toilet.  And the succulents.  And I'd like to get a new hand towel.   And I'd love to replace the pedestal sink with a small cabinet sink.  And while we're at it, might as well change the light fixture...  So yeah, this room is done. For now.