Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

We had another relaxing weekend around here!  Since babygirl's birthday party is behind us, we're taking a little break from the house projects to just hang out.  Not to mention, the budget is pretty stretched this month, and laying low is free!!  Babygirl is getting such a personality, so there is never a dull moment around these parts!!  And football season, how could I forget that??  Saturday is filled with college football, and Sunday, NFL.  Although we did manage to squeeze in a fair amount of house work and a couple little projects outside.

First up on Friday was a crockpot meal I made to last us all weekend, and it worked!  Recipe to come this week, but we all loved it and ate it at least once each day, lol.

I shouldn't be surprised, knowing my hubs, but the lengths men will go to for TV are astounding!!  We were in the crawlspace and up on the roof on Saturday to try and get better reception- you see we canceled DirecTv in order to cut back on some expenses, so we are just rockin' the off air channels.  I don't mind one bit as long as I can still watch my Housewives of Anywhere online, but the hubs is going through major TV withdrawal.  So here was the solution: run a cable from under the house to the second floor and attach a device that acts as an antennae.  I'm honestly not sure that it made one bit of difference, but it was a little fun to climb out on the roof!!

And this little girl, well she is just cracking us up!!  She is starting to mimic what you say, and today when the hubs and I were talking about getting a goat, she kept saying goooooooooooat, goooooooat.  So stinkin' cute!!  We've been taking lots of videos of her lately, I just want to soak up all the cuteness and not forget a moment of it!

I also had a chance to catch up on a bunch of magazines that my mom passed along.  I used to be the biggest magazine addict, but once we went on a budget I realized how much money they were eating up!!  I still love them, I just have to get them secondhand and a few months behind now, lol.

I did some blog brainstorming on the schedule I mentioned the other day, and I think I have some good ideas!  And I squeezed in some real (paid!) work too, so I'd say it was a productive weekend amid the sleeping in and football and relaxing!!  Hope yours was too, onto Monday!