Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Window Shopping: Goodwill

Today babygirl & I took a shopping trip to one of my favorite places- Goodwill!!  We hadn't been to this location in a few months, and I could swear the prices have tripled since we were there last!!  I know it's a thrift shop, and prices are lower than if you bought them at their original location, but sheesh, the days of bargains seem to be long gone.  And as you'll see, I think some of their prices would rival the original retail price!

Here are some things that caught my eye...

So this set isn't my style, but it is nice looking, until you see the price!  At first I thought it was $15.91 for the set, but it wasn't, that was JUST THE TRASHCAN.  What the heck??  The toothbrush holder was $4.94 and the tissue box I believe was $5 something.  Seems crazy to me.  Just as crazy as putting Bath & Office items together, LOL.

A couple boxes of vintage looking ornaments, the colors were pretty, and the price was reasonable- just $1.51.

I thought this plate was cute if you had an H initial.  Isn't that the H from H&M??  It looks so familiar.  Oh, and I think the price was $2 something, not bad.

There were tons of vintage-y looking Easter baskets, which I thought were really sweet.  I don't necessarily have the place for a bunch of baskets, but I think they'd be best en masse, and used as a cute Easter display.  They were all priced in the $1 range.

This pack of cards cracked me up!  You can't see because of the glare, but the top said "A Southern Christmas" and each of the items were southern foods- cute!  I don't recall the price.

More holiday items- these snowmen were cute, they reminded me of ones my mom has, but I didn't think they were a terrific bargain at  $7.97, do you?

This is a handsome piece for a gentleman's den or office, I'd just be wary about whether the temperature, barometer & humidity measurements were accurate.  Regardless, the campaign style is hot right now, and the price was fair at $6.96.  (Dad, notice the sheep?  It was nothing special, lol.)

These were an odd pair, but I thought they could be cool in the right spot.  As we were leaving, I saw a lady had grabbed them up and was checking out.  Am I the only person that wants to ask people what they're going to do with items in their cart at Goodwill, particularly strange items like this?  I think they were $5 something.

Babygirl was intrigued by this funny-looking carved coconut, so I had to snap a pic.  She kept laughing at it.  Don't know the price.  Have fun!

Those white buildings were pretty cool.  All of the windows & inset areas were lined on the inside with a thin paper.  I'm not sure if they are supposed to be lit from the inside with a tiny light, but I thought that could be pretty.  They were around $4 each.

This was interesting, I think it is an inset for a drum shade so the light doesn't blast you in the eye. I could actually use this for the drum shade I installed in our breakfast nook, but I had NO IDEA how I'd connect it to the shade, or if it was even the correct size.  It was $3, I think. 

These caught my eye because there were so many of them!  It took a bit of looking at them, but I think they were meant to display ornaments, or some other small hanging item.  A great find if you have a collection of items that need to be hung!  Collections like this definitely aren't my style, but I'm sure they'd make someone very happy.  And, they could easily be spray-painted to match any decor.  They were $.99 each.

G-dub was fully stocked on hideous brass chandeliers, but I've seen lots of bloggers & DIYers spray paint these with beautiful results.  I didn't check the prices, the brass was blinding me!

There were quite a few large framed pictures, which is pretty unusual for this location.  They all seemed to be in decent shape, and the art could easily be swapped out, or the frames painted to match any decor.  Prices ranged from $4ish to $10ish

Here are 2 rugs that looked fairly decent- one was a runner, the other a full-size area rug.  I didn't get the price on it, but the runner was $34.  The thing about rugs from Goodwill, at least in my opinion, is you must also figure in the cost to have them cleaned.  I'm almost never deterred by the filthiness of something at a thrift store because I know I can scrub the heck out of it, but a rug is something I'd have professionally done.  If you have a carpet cleaner though, you could probably do it yourself.

I thought this set of 2 placemats were whimsical and sweet.   They had a needlepoint/cross stitch-type look, which I'm very fond of!  The price was $2.52.

On our way out I ran into this adorable stuffed Canada Goose.  I love funky pillows, so this guy would have fit right in at the T casa.  Two things stopped me from picking it up- the neck was under-stuffed and wobbled all over the place.  Not really a big deal- the seam just needs to be opened up and a little more stuffing added.  Thing 2, there was no price.  One thing I can't stand about G-dub is that if an item is missing a price, it has to be taken in the back to be re-priced, and isn't brought back to the sales floor for 24 hours.  This makes me nuts when I spot items I love because I know the chance of me running across it again in 24 hours is slim.  Oh well!!

We actually left without any of the above items, so if you see something you like, high-tail it over to the Goodwill on Northside Drive!  We didn't leave totally empty-handed though, I found a sweet winter vest for babygirl and a great pair of jeans for the hubs.  Total for the day was $10.74- not bad!!