Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update

Happy Monday!!

We had lovely weekend over here- beautiful weather, along with a good balance of work, play and helping out a neighbor.  Couldn't get much better if you ask me!!

Friday afternoon babygirl and I quickly hit up one of my favorite thrift shops in hopes of finding a cheap Halloween costume.  No luck, but I did score these cool looking vintage patterns for .10¢ each!  I haven't opened them yet, but hoping they'll be a fun sewing project.

Later Friday evening we were driving thru a neighborhood near our house when we spotted a bunch of cabinets on the curb.  We pulled over, got super excited about what we saw, and loaded up 2 cabinets in our car.  We got home, took measurements, and got even more excited when we realized the cabinets would fit above our laundry room sink- score!!  I'll post a full tutorial this week, but here's what a good chunk of our Saturday was spent doing:

It wasn't quite cool enough to make chili, but I did anyway, and it was deelish!  Recipe to come...

I also did a little fall decorating.  Not too much, but I love fall colors and it just made me smile.  I'm trying to get my hands on some brown bandanas to use for my Thanksgiving tablescape- wouldn't that be adorable?!

 Today the hubs helped a neighbor pick up a new fridge and move it in.  By the time he got home there wasn't much daylight left, but I was determined to visit one of my favorite shopping centers with a great antique store, Goodwill & Big Lots- talk about a trifecta!!!  I've got lots of pics of some of my favorite things to share with you later this week, but I can't get this guy out of my head, and can't help feeling like I passed over something pretty darn special.  I really hate when that happens...

What do you think?  Did I pass up a cool piece?  And just to rub salt in my wound, the price was a mere $14.95, marked down from $45. Booohoooooo......

I'll cheer you (and me) up with a pic of our cutie from a trip to Lowe's this weekend.  Have a great week!!